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Spirant Group, owners of ACL WA, secures significant financial investment

A dual continent, cross-equatorial funding package will help Accident Claims Lawyers to bring its expert advice and support to a greater number of Australians over the coming months. 

As part of the Spirant Group, a consortium of five international companies operating in the legal, technology and medical services sectors, the Perth-based personal injury law firm is to benefit from a share of a $23 million investment that will enable it to expand its services to further territories.

The company’s commercial director, Simon Shaw, said the cash injection – committed by business growth specialist Providior, which is headquartered in Queensland, and UK financier BOOST&Co – was an endorsement of Accident Claims Lawyers’ positive impact on a previously misunderstood market.

“Since first opening our doors in Western Australia five years ago, we have been focused on bringing credibility to what is often regarded as a non-credible area of law,” said Mr Shaw. “For whatever reason there has historically been a stigma associated with workplace compensation or motor vehicle accident claims, but we are delighted to have helped challenge perceptions by putting the financial, physical and mental wellbeing of clients first.

“We are proud that these efforts, our expertise in the field of serious injury law and proven business model have led to a continuation of our extremely valuable partnership with Providior and delighted that their faith in the way we do business will cement our position in the market and spread our roots across Australia.

“The funding will allow us to strengthen our team and ultimately help to positively transform the lives of those in need and deserving of the best available care, surgery and rehabilitation.”

In addition to an expansion of Accident Claims Lawyers’ Australian footprint, Simon Gibson – CEO of Spirant, which will celebrate its tenth anniversary this summer and currently boasts a combined turnover of more than $35 million and 150-strong staff – said the eight-figure investment would lead to the imminent launch of a sixth operation.

“That we have attracted support in our future from two forward-looking organisations located tens of thousands of miles apart chimes perfectly with our strategic plans for growth,” explained the Spirant boss, who oversees the strategy of Accident Claims Lawyers UK, Accident Claims Lawyers Australia, Zeus Tech SolutionsNovus Claims Solutions and InstaMed.

“We launched Accident Claims Lawyers in Australia in 2017, InstaMed in 2019, are set to launch a third business there in the coming weeks and are attracting increasing interest in our services from the U.S and Middle East.

“Despite wider economic difficulties and the significant challenges posed by a global pandemic, the talents of our people and their desire to help other businesses to ‘outsource smarter’ through the exploitation of technologies and offer of professional services ‘in a box’ have driven demand for Spirant’s solutions.”

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