Here at ACL, we can arrange physiotherapy through our recommended treatment provider.

Why ACL recommend Physiotherapy?

Aid your individual recovery

Maximise the compensation that you deserve

Reduce any risk of mitigation arguments from the other side

What happens next?

  1. Once we’ve taken your details your case is passed to an experienced handler who will assess your injuries and instruct one of our rehab providers.
  2. Our recommended rehab provider will contact you to complete triage over the phone. Triage is a quick chat over the phone which will involve you being asked questions such as; the severity of your pain, how the pain is affecting your daily routine and if the pain appears to be radiating into other areas of your body.
  3. The next stage of the process involves a face-to-face assessment with a physiotherapist to asses your rehabilitation needs and treatment options. Your physiotherapist will contact you to arrange a date and time convenient to see you. Our recommended rehab provider are mobile and can see you at home to save any inconveince to you. Once this has taken place your treatment is ready to start!
  4. Your physiotherapist will keep us updated of your treatment process. It is crucial that you attend these appointments as regularly as possible. It is proven that treatment completed within the shortest period has the most effective results. Irregular attendance may cause delay’s to settling your case. Our advice to you is that where possible you book your appointments on a weekly basis in advance.

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