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Understanding Workers’ Compensation in Western Australia: A Comprehensive Guide  

Workers' compensation laws in Western Australia are designed to protect employees who suffer injuries or illnesses in the workplace. For accident claims lawyers, navigating these laws and assisting injured workers is crucial. Understanding the nuances of this legal landscape can significantly impact the success of claims.

Common Workplace Accidents in Western Australia and Prevention Measures

Workplace accidents can occur in any line of work, whether it’s in an office setting or on a construction site. Unfortunately, workplace accidents are not uncommon in Western Australia, and they can have serious consequences for both the worker and the employer.

Are Electric Vehicles Making Australian Roads Less Safe?

Those living in Australia will be forced to adopt more eco-friendly alternatives to daily life – from alternative modes of transport to the choice of our cars. As a major exporter of both fossil fuels and critical minerals used in many clean energy technologies, in 2022, the Australian government doubled the target for emissions reductions by 2030 and set the goal of reaching net zero emissions by 2050.

The Road Warriors: Unveiling the Greatest Fears of Motorcyclists in Western Australia

Motorcyclists in Western Australia, like their counterparts worldwide, encounter unique challenges and face an array of concerns while navigating the roadways.

Bridging the Gap: Understanding Drivers’ Greatest Concerns about Motorcyclists in Western Australia

While motorcyclists often feel more vulnerable on the road, drivers face plenty of apprehension regarding these road users.

Promoting Road Safety: Understanding and Addressing Pedestrians’ Concerns about Motorcyclists

Western Australia's lively streets are shared by a variety of road users: walkers, motorcyclists and, of course, drivers. While much emphasis is placed on road safety for the latter two, it is also critical to acknowledge the fears and anxieties of pedestrians navigating the urban landscape.

E-scooters – a cool, convenient and eco-friendly way to commute or a modern-day menace and fast-track to casualty? 

The evidence to support the latter is certainly gaining momentum, with the number of e-scooter patients on the rise at Royal Perth Hospital (RPH), according to the latest study carried out by resident medical officer, Kyle Raubenheimer.

Contributory Negligence on the Roads: Understanding Its Implications for Personal Injury Claims in Australia

In this article, we will explore contributory negligence on the roads in Western Australia and its implications for personal injury claims.

Understanding Contributory Negligence for Pedestrian Accidents in Australia

If a pedestrian fails to take reasonable care for their own safety and their actions contribute to an accident or injury, they may be found to be partially at fault.

Are you turning your town yellow for National Road Safety Week in Western Australia?

From Seat Belts to Advanced Safety Features: The Evolution of Car Safety

As Accident Claims Lawyers in Western Australia, we have seen the benefits of the car safety evolution. As advocates of Accident Prevention, we decided to take a look back in time to review the ‘safety through the years’. It may also be useful for those car buffs out there!

The digital age and road safety

The universal use of smartphones has led to a concerning trend of distracted walking, particularly while crossing the road. In Australia, this has become a significant issue, and it is essential for individuals to be aware of the dangers of using their phones whilst walking.

Don’t be an April Fool. Four motoring misconceptions Australia

If you've looked at our social media channels recently, you'll see we've contributed our fair share of mischievous pranks to this year's April fool's day. But all jokes aside, we're acutely aware of a few foolish fallacies about driving that have us all revved up! 

Take a pop at this: New bubble wrap machine deflates insurance costs!

Nothing spells bubble trouble like a crook breaking into - or worse, stealing - your car. And with the cost of living crisis popping off, car insurance premiums are bubbling to new heights. 

Meet our newest legal expert, Danijela Dogic 

We are delighted to welcome Danijela Dogic to the ACL Australia legal team. Dani is a trailblazing personal injury lawyer specialising in workers' compensation cases. 

Can you quit your job while on workers’ comp in Western Australia?

Accident Claims Lawyers Australia welcomes solicitor Deborah Weaver-Johns

For someone who first sat behind the wheel of a car in the UK, I find it almost beyond comprehension that more than 1,160 lives were lost on Australia’s roads in 2022

Three New Year’s resolutions for the road

2023 is almost upon us, which means one thing: New Year’s resolutions. Last year, 72% of Australians set at least one resolution for 2022, and there’s no doubt many of us are already thinking about our intentions for January.

Driving, cycling or walking home for Christmas? Here’s how to stay safe 

Between the Carols by Candlelight, cocktails and Christmas parties, you’ll probably end up doing your fair share of driving this December.

Give the gift of road safety this Christmas

Between the Carols by Candlelight, cocktails and Christmas parties, you’ll probably end up doing your fair share of driving this December.

Top 5 workers’ compensation claims

Have you been injured in an accident at work? Every day, we help people across WA get the compensation they deserve for workplace injuries.

Keeping the champagne on ice

Why older is not always wiser when it comes to Western Australia’s roads

It shouldn’t come as a shock that displays of kindness and courtesy – rather than aggression – can nurture more mild-mannered drivers.

Why choose ACL? Our ‘you-centred’ claims philosophy 

Young Drivers

Why is Western Australia in such a race to allow its young citizens behind the wheel of a car?

Simon Shaw on Australia’s Employment Scene

Unless your name is Novak Djokovic, movement to and from Australia was formally restored to its pre-pandemic parameters earlier this month.

Welcome to our new website!

We’ve recently undergone a website refresh to make it easier for our clients to understand the claims process and get the help they need.

Road Safety Week

National Road Safety Week is partnering with road safety organisations to highlight the impact of road trauma and ways to reduce it.

Spirant Group, owners of ACL WA, secures significant financial investment

Dual continent, cross-equatorial funding package will help ACL to bring its expert advice and support to a greater number of Australians.

ACL Investment

A $23 million investment secured by the Spirant Group is to be used to further broaden the technological and geographical horizons of its member companies.

Western Australia Motorcycle Safety Week: How Safe Are You?

11th-18th April is Motorcycle Safety Week, led by the Motorcycle Riders Association of Western Australia (MRAWA). Find out more.

Motor Vehicle Accidents and Automatic Assumption of Fault

Morgan Hawkins, Morgan Hawkins, Legal Director, on why making a mistake should not mean automatic assumption of fault in a motor vehicle accident claim.

Have you suffered a serious and life-changing brain injury in a motor vehicle accident?

Traumatic brain injuries are the leading cause of disability and mortality across the globe, with 55% related to motor vehicle accidents.

Up All Night Walk for Ronald McDonald House Charities

A team from Accident Claims Lawyers have signed up to complete the Up All Night Walk for Ronald McDonald House Charities.

A misstep by McGowan to keep Western Australia’s borders closed

Simon Gibson, CEO of the Spirant Group, described Premier Mark McGowan’s postponement of the border reopening as a “risk averse strategy”.

Kerrie Pringle – Life Changing Legal Expertise

‘Nobody likes change’ but when it comes to attitudes to seeking recompense for a workplace accident it is a societal statement of fact.

Christmas Charity Drive for Ronald McDonald House Charities

On behalf of ACL WA and Ronald McDonald House Charities, we would like to thank everyone who has donated to our Christmas Charity Drive.

The Longest Day – Supporting the Cancer Council Charity

Team ACL WA will be taking part in this years’ The Longest Day charity event.

Accidents Happen

Being part of an industry of extremes does not exclude individuals from making a claim in the wake of a work-place accident. Read more.

Am I entitled to Workers’ Compensation in Western Australia?

Workers’ compensation is a form of insurance payment to employees if they are injured at work or become sick due to their work.

Motorcycle Safety Tips – The Basics

Following basic safety tips when you ride can make a huge difference in reducing your risk on the road and preventing a serious accident.

Ride safe, Claim safe: Motorcycling in Australia

Ride your motorcycle safely so you can claim safely in WA. We have listed some important points to consider when motorcycling. Read more.

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