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Campaign with us

Too many young drivers lose their lives on the road. Help us make a difference. 

Lobby for change

Improve road safety for everyone.  In 2022, young driver deaths in WA were at a six-year high. We’re challenging the government to take action. Our young people need your support. Will you help us make the roads safer? 17-19-year-old deaths were up by 40% last year. We want things to change. Let’s make 14th December National Young Driver’s Day. December is the peak of summer and one of the worst months on the road for fatalities in WA.

Young drivers are at risk

Did you know that learner drivers must complete only a minimum of 50 supervised driving hours prior to being granted a WA driver’s licence. Newly qualified drivers are, by far, the most at-risk road user group in WA. Nearly 50% of all young Australian deaths are due to road traffic incidents.

Worse still, a quarter of people killed in vehicle incidents last year weren’t wearing seatbelts. We need to do more to protect young drivers and other road users. Education and awareness are essential. But to make a change, we need to make some noise.

So, join us in launching National Young Driver’s Day: a campaign to share crucial road safety messages and dispel the myths that lead to many of today’s catastrophic accidents among young road users.

Our campaign

Under our first campaign theme ILEAD, National Young Drivers Day or NYDD is designed to achieve the following:

Increase Minimum Number of Driving Hours

Increase the number of supervised driving hours from 50 to 100 in Western Australia. We believe this will improve road safety knowledge among young drivers.

Lobby With Us

Lobby with us to the Road Safety Commission to increase the number of supervised driving hours to past a driving test.


Educate Our Young People On Safe Driving

Many young people are not prepared to manage an accident scene. Here is a life-saving resource that is used worldwide – the Doctors’ ABC

Accident Prevention & Safety First

We are supporters of various community initiatives in Western Australia. National Road Safety Week is one where we will continue to raise the profile of best practice on the road – whether pedestrian or motorist. For more info you can visit – Link for National Road Safety Week

Dispel the myths of young drivers

Dispel the myths that many young people hold on stopping distances, drink driving and not wearing a seatbelt. Take part in our social media campaign by sharing our stories on the risks young people face on the road every day.


D – Danger Check for danger. Ensure the scene is safe for yourself and the wounded.
R – Response Check for a response. Ask their name, squeeze shoulders, move fingers.
S – Shout Send for help. Call for an ambulance or ask a bystander for help to make the call.
A – Airways Open their mouth. Look for anything blocking their airways.
B – Breathing Look, listen and feel to check for their breathing.
C – CPR Start CPR. 30 compressions: 2 breaths. If unwilling or unable to perform breaths perform chest compressions only (100/min)

Become our partner

We encourage driving schools, youth legal services, colleges and charities to join us.

We’re looking for like-minded organisations passionate about young driver road safety. If you want to be a force for change, improve your company’s social impact and have your voice heard, we want to hear from you.

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