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Q: If I get a Notice of Ability to Return to Work, does that mean my workers’ compensation benefits stop or I have to go to work?

A: No, not necessarily. Call us immediately if you get one of these notices, however.

This notice is a statement by the insurance company doctor stating that he or she thinks you can work. If your employer offers you a job, it is important, in many cases, to give it a try and also absolutely critical that you have your doctor put in writing what your restrictions are.
Please contact us immediately should this situation occur

Q: Why should I choose ACL - Worker's Compensation?

A: ACL are experts in workers compensation claims the directors alone have combined experience of over 70 years in personal injury. You are in safe and experienced hands. Our specialist team are dedicated solely to Workers Compensation claims, and the team is available until 8pm in the evenings so that support is on hand if needed late into the evening.

Q: Will making a Worker's Compensation claim affect my job and possibly lead to dismissal?

A: No. That is unlawful. Your employment cannot be terminated, nor can you be discriminated against, purely due to filing a workers’ compensation claim.

Q: Will I have to go to a medical?

A: Yes you will. This process ensures that you continue to receive our entitlement to compensation.

Q: Why do I need a lawyer?

A: Even if your claim is accepted there could be instances that you are not paid your entitlement on time. This is extremely common, and we are here to support that eventuality by being immediately on hand to take further action if need be. As I’m sure you can appreciate, not receiving your weekly payment could have severe consequences to your livelihood.

Q: What factors determine how much my personal injury case is worth?

A: The factors that determine how much a personal injury case is worth vary widely.

They can be anything from the amount of injuries suffered, to the degree of negligence by the person who's injured you.

It's difficult for any personal injury lawyer to tell before they start to investigate a claim how much this case is worth. A general baseline of how much a case is worth can be the amount of medical bills that have accrued.

Q: When my claim is accepted what benefits do I receive?

A: If the insurer accepts liability for your claim then you will receive benefits under the Workers Compensation Act.

The major benefits include:

o Payment of weekly compensation
o Payment of lump sum compensation for permanent impairment
o Medical and Hospital expenses

Other benefits payable are:

o Rehabilitation expenses
o Death benefits and funeral expenses
o Compensation for damage to property (e.g. clothing)

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