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Accident Claims Lawyers Australia welcomes solicitor Deborah Weaver-Johns

Fast-growing personal injury law firm, Accident Claims Lawyers (ACL) Australia, is delighted to announce the appointment of Deborah Weaver-Johns as a solicitor. 

Deborah joins the firm with over 20 years of extensive experience in personal injury law. Hailing from Wales, United Kingdom, she honed her legal expertise at the well-respected firms Pierre Thomas & Partners and Kennedys before moving to Western Australia four years ago. 

In her time practising in the UK, she gained a wealth of professional knowledge supporting both claimants and defendants, giving her unparalleled insights into the entire personal injury law ecosystem. 

Having re-qualified under Australian law, she continues to deliver what she enjoys most: helping people who have been unfairly treated at work or injured in accidents get the full compensation they deserve. 

“I’m thrilled to be part of the ACL team,” shares Deborah. “The company’s commitment to client care and values of transparency, integrity and empathy greatly match my own. I was also very attracted to the company’s hi-tech approach. ACL is breaking boundaries in the Australian legal system, revolutionising client service and litigation for the better.” 

“In my time here, I’ve realised that many Australian law firms are yet to fully embrace technology and other methods of process efficiency. As such, their clients are suffering as a result. I’m so pleased to join an innovative, forward-thinking law firm, committed to getting the best results for clients as efficiently as possible.”

In her new role, Deborah will support people seeking compensation for a range of injuries and accidents, specialising mainly in workers’ compensation and motor vehicle accident claims. Harnessing the power of ACL’s digital and efficiency driven processes, she will join a team aiming to reduce the amount of time between making a claim and receiving fair, full compensation. 

Commenting on the appointment, Simon Shaw, Commercial Director, says: “It is a significant time for us at ACL. We continue to champion the use of technology and other processes and to challenge the inefficiencies and archaic approach to how legal services are delivered in the personal injury space. ”

“Deborah is a great asset to our team as we continue on this journey. Her commitment to client excellence, deep knowledge of personal injury law and empathetic approach will greatly benefit our clients, enabling us to help more people in Western Australia.”

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