Your full recovery is ACL’s priority

Your workplace should be a place where you feel safe and protected from injury. If you have been injured, or contracted an illness at work, Accident Claims Lawyers will work tirelessly to make sure you achieve a full physical and financial recovery from your injury. ACL’s Workers Compensation Lawyers specialise in helping you apply for compensation and a range of benefits provided under the Workers Compensation Scheme.

How Accident Claims Lawyers can help?

Our Workers Compensation Lawyers in WA treat every Workers Compensation claim as unique and can help you with legal advice whether you’ve just been injured, or have been receiving WorkCover payments and run into problems.

Accident Claims Lawyers can help you if you’ve been injured at work and:

  • Don’t know what to do next
  • You need help submitting a WorkCover claim
  • Your WorkCover claim has been rejected
  • Your employer wants you to return to work prematurely
  • Your employer’s insurer won’t pay for treatment or taking too long to respond to your enquiries
  • Your payments have been cut off
  • You need to understand your WorkCover status and how the process works
  • Any other WorkCover related disputes between you and your employer and/or their insurance company

What type of work injury can you claim for?

There are many types of work injury for which you can claim workers compensation. The following is a list of the more typical workplace hazards that can contribute to injury.

  • Falling from stairs or machinery
  • Tripping over obstacles
  • Falling into drains or inspection pits
  • Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI)
  • Crushed by machinery
  • Chemical burns
  • Lifting injuries
  • Mental illness

Your entitlements

You are entitled to the following benefits if you are injured or become ill at work.

  • Medical and associated costs
  • Weekly payments for loss of income
  • Lost superannuation entitlements
  • Rehabilitation services
  • A lump sum payment for economic loss in some circumstance

Who is eligible to claim?

All Australian workers who suffer a workplace injury, or an injury as a result of work, can make a claim for WorkCover compensation.

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How much does making a Workers Compensation claim cost?

FREE First Appointment

Your first appointment with ACL is completely free of charge, and by the end of the consultation you’ll know exactly where you stand.

“No Win No Fee” Lawyers

If you do have a case, ACL act for clients on a “No Win, No Fee” basis. You do not pay ACL any money up front of throughout your case. If your case is not successful, ACL writes off all your legal costs. If you win we will cap our legal costs at a % of your damages which we will agree with you before we commence work. This means if you lose, you pay us nothing. If you win, you still receive your agreed % of damages and can have complete peace of mind.

Hospital and Home Consultation

If as a result of your work injury you are hospitalised or can’t make it to our offices we will be happy to come to you.

Your Claim Journey?

  • Step 1

    Lodge a WorkCover claim within 30 Days

  • Step 2

    Contact Accident Claims Lawyers

  • Step 3

    Book your FREE initial appointment

  • Step 4

    Immediate assistance

  • Step 5

    Investigation and evidence

  • Step 6

    Medical examination

  • Step 7

    Dispute management

  • Step 8

    Case resolution or court proceedings