A New Type of

Accident Claims Service

Accident Claims Lawyers (ACL) are a new modern type of motor vehicle accident personal injury claims legal practice. ACL knows that the road to recovery can be tough to navigate and we make it as easy as possible for our clients to receive maximum compensation in minimum time.

What our clients say

 “I had an accident in 2017 and Accident Claims Lawyers were a tremendous help. Nathan and Nigel went the whole 9 yards to help me and to make sure that everything ran smoothly. They consistently followed everything up to make sure that there were no problems with visits to specialists, and other medical issues. The phone calls backwards and forwards to me about different specialist appointments was so remarkable. Words cannot express highly enough of my gratitude towards these professional lawyers and I would definitely recommend their services to anyone seeking legal advice for an injury following a motor vehicle accident.” 

We are Motor Vehicle Accident Personal Injury Specialists

Accident Claims Lawyers specialise exclusively in motor vehicle accident claims. ACL’s team of specialists has many years experience helping clients recover all that is due to them as a result of a motor vehicle accident.

Accident Management Service

ACL understands that accidents cause great personal stress and inconvenience, and take care of everything for you by mapping out all of your needs.

As well as claiming maximum compensation for your injuries, through our trusted network of business partners ACL can arrange the following services:

  • Your car to be repaired
  • A replacement vehicle to be delivered to you to ensure you are not left off the road
  • Your injuries to be treated by a physiotherapist, chiropractor or any other rehabilitation expert
  • Appointment with an independent medical specialist

ACL present any costs arising from your injuries to the Insurer to ensure you are not left out of pocket.


ACL’s initial advice is completely free of charge.

If you do have a case, ACL act for clients on a “No Win, No Fee” basis. You do not pay any money up front throughout your case. If your case is not successful, ACL writes off all of your legal costs. If you win, we will cap our legal costs at a % of your damages which we will agree with you before we commence work.

This means if you lose, you pay us nothing. If you win, you still receive your agreed % of damages and can have complete peace of mind.


ACL’s Customer Portal makes it easy to keep on track

ACL’s online customer portal makes it easy to keep track of your claim. The portal provides easy secure access to documents relating to your claim.

Partnerships -Fast Access to Premium Services

ACL’s business partners help us get the best return on your claim and help you get easy access to some of the best physio’s, chiro’s, accountants, repair services and other suppliers you may need to get back on track

Getting your life back on track

ACL Makes Sure You Get Back To Where You Were Headed

The purpose of making a personal injury claim is to help you achieve the lifestyle you were headed for before the accident. Getting ‘back on track’ may involve medical, psychological and financial support to help you on your way. When we present  your claim to the insurer we include all of the additional support you will require to achieve this.

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